Usage policy
This Usage Policy is a legally binding agreement between you and Insta Prop and contains provisions that explain the rights arising from the use of Insta Prop websites and applications (collectively referred to as “Insta Prop” in this Policy), “Insta Prop”, “we”, or “us” refers to us” or “plural pronoun” to the Insta Prop entity with whom you are contracting when you use one of its services.

The Insta Prop platform offers an online tool that allows users to post, view, search and book hospitality services. Users who post and provide services are referred to as “hosts” and users who search, book or use services are referred to as “guests.” Hosts provide affiliated accommodations. They have or own the benefit thereof in accordance with the legal regulations and what is included in the activities, trips and events, and each of the host’s service offers, referred to as “the home advertisement.”

(“You must create an account to access and use many features of the Insta Prop Platform, and you must certify the accuracy of the information entered by you, in order to own the Insta Prop Platform, control, provide, or manage any listings or hosting services and not a party to the contracts entered into directly between Hosts and Guests”). Insta Prop is not a real estate broker, travel agency or insurance company, and does not act as an agent in any capacity for any member.

There are other policies that complement these terms such as our Privacy Policy, which describes how we collect and use personal data.

If you are a user, you acknowledge your responsibility to understand and comply with all terms, rules, regulations, and third-party contracts, especially those that apply to the hosting services that you provide as a host.

platform mission
The mission of the platform is to create its own electronic space through which you can browse housing ads such as apartments, chalets, cottages, and others. You can learn more about the listing by looking at the description, photos, host profile, and guest reviews.
It enables you to inquire directly from the host if you want additional details.

Search and book
You can search for hosting services using certain criteria such as type of service, travel destination, travel dates, and number of guests. You can also use filters to refine your search results.
such as price, availability, ratings, popularity, and other factors.

When you book a listing, you agree to pay all of your reservation fees including the listing price, applicable fees such as service charges, taxes and any other items specified during checkout (collectively, the “Total Price”).

When you receive the Booking Confirmation, the relationship becomes between you and the host on the terms set forth in his listing and Insta Prop is not a party to it. In addition to these Terms, you will be responsible for complying with all reservation conditions, including without limitation, the cancellation policy and all rules, standards, policies or other requirements specified in the listing or at checkout that apply to the reservation. It is your responsibility to read and understand these rules, standards, policies and requirements before booking a listing.

An Accommodation reservation is a limited-term license to enter, occupy and use the Accommodation for a limited time. You are not entitled to unjustified stay outside the booking period. You may not exceed the maximum number of guests allowed. It is your responsibility to certify that you, and anyone you invite, meet these minimum age, eligibility, physical fitness, or other requirements. You are responsible for informing the host of any medical, physical, or other conditions that may affect your ability to participate, attend, or use the Hosting Services, cancellation, refund, and reservation modification.

If you cancel a reservation as a guest, the amount you receive will be determined by following the cancellation policy that applies to that reservation and that is determined by the host and set out in the listing conditions of reservation and the refund is determined based on it. You may be eligible for a partial or full refund if the host cancels and you will have a choice between getting help rebooking at another listing for the same amount paid or getting a full refund in their wallet or bank account.

In the event of modification or change of reservations, you shall be responsible for any modifications to reservations that you agree to make through the Platform or direct customer service to make them on your behalf, and you agree to pay all additional amounts, fees or taxes associated with any modification to the reservation.

The host may charge a security fee that will be refunded when you leave the accommodation without causing any damage or damage to their property and this is stated in the advertisement of the accommodation and the conditions of booking.

Your responsibilities and risk acceptance.
You, as a guest, acknowledge your full responsibility for the following:
1- Leave the accommodation (and related personal property) in the condition it was in when you arrived.
2- The obligation to pay all amounts of the compensation claim necessary to cover the damages caused by you or your guests at the place of residence.
3- Integrity, treating others with respect, and complying with applicable laws at all times. If you book an additional guest who is a minor or if you bring a minor to the Hosting Services, you must be legally authorized to act on behalf of the minor and you are solely responsible for the supervision of that minor.

After each hosting service, guests and hosts will have the opportunity to rate each other. Your review must be accurate and must not contain any racist, abusive, defamatory, or any other language that violates the Content Policy or the Rating Policy. Insta Prop does not check the accuracy of reviews and may be incorrect or misleading.

Reporting violations.
If you believe that a member, listing or content poses an imminent danger to a person or property, you should immediately contact your local authorities. In addition, if you believe that a member, listing, or content has violated our standards, you must report your concerns to us.

This Agreement between you and Insta Prop is effective when you register on the Platform and remains in effect until you delete your account or if it is suspended and disabled by us. In the event that you delete the account with confirmed reservations, it will be canceled and the full amount will be refunded to the guests.
The service may be unavailable at some times to allow for maintenance and updating operations, and the platform has the right to withdraw and stop its services at any time.

We provide Insta Prop all content without warranty of any kind and disclaim all warranties, either express or implied. For example: (i) we do not warrant the conduct, performance, safety, quality, legality or suitability of any guest, host, hosting services, listing, or third party All references to a “verified” Member or Ad (or any similar term) shall mean only that the Member or Advertisement has completed the relevant verification or identification process and shall not WE DO NOT VERIFY RESERVATIONS OR VERIFY SUCH RESIDENCES AND ARE NOT LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, INCLUDING LOSS OF PROFITS, LOSS OF DATA, LOSS OF REPUTATION, INTERRUPTION OF SERVICE, EQUIPMENT DAMAGE, OR FAILURE system, or the cost of substitute products or services,OR FOR ANY DAMAGES FROM PERSONAL, PHYSICAL OR MENTAL INJURY ARISING OUT OF THE USE OF OR INABILITY TO USE THE PLATFORM OR ANY CONTENT. Except for our obligation to receive and transmit payments from Guests to Hosts under these Terms.